Today marks the long awaited presidential election in Nigeria and as impressed as I am with the figures of participant read out on the news, I am also disappointed at the turn out of young people voting. I am not excluding myself; in fact I am very much disappointed in myself for not exercising my right as a citizen of my great nation. Please do not ponder too long at where exactly I’m getting at, let me explain what I mean:

picture636      picture638

That’s me and my nonchalant face, at home, doing nothing when I’m meant to be on a queue somewhere in Lagos, voting for either change or continuity; as the spirit leads (lol).

By tomorrow, after a new government system takes over and probably fails to carry out their duties, I would engage my very good friend, Uti and anyone else who cares to listen in a deep argumentative discussion over the need for change in Nigeria. I would talk on and on about the miserable life of medical students and students generally in Nigeria ( I am a student, I am more concerned about our plight). I would complain over the fact that I wake up every morning feeling like I had been fighting war in my sleep because the mosquitoes in my room decided to turn me into a full course dinner, due to lack of electricity to power the standing fan meant to chase away mosquitoes; which I got from my own house by the way. I would most definitely gripe over the long queue for water in the morning when I’m suppose to be in class learning how to save lives. The fact that my hostel serves as a formidable habitat for rats and cockroaches would fall under poor maintenance of public infrastructure by the government and our lack of latex gloves in the ward when handling patient would be regarded as uttermost negligence of duty by the government.

I would most definitely not forget the ugu seller in Yaba market who was promised free education for her six children if only she voted, neither will I forget Musa, who was told to vote so that the government can clear Idiaraba canal and build more drainages to stop the flooding of his bungalow compound. By the time I’m done ranting, I would begin to proffer solutions to all the above cited problems. You can guess what my solution no1 would be: If only the younger generation would arise and realize they’re meant to see vision and not dream dreams…(read up The Risen Has Fallen to understand better). I would even open my mouth to implore everyone to vote and grab hold of their future in order live longer…..after all these talk, I would earn an applause, hand shakes or nods of approval for my rousing speech – The freedom fighter has spoken!

And that is me sitting in my house not voting!!! Freedom fighter indeed!

You can very well call me a noise maker and I will accept it good naturedly. This reprimand goes to myself and all other youths who argued tirelessly over the system of government in Nigeria, that includes my fellow colleagues on radiography whatsapp group page. We should be ashamed of ourselves. We should weep for our sorry asses that would go through another four years of no electricity, water, infrastructure, health care, etc. We should weep over the fact that if ASUU decides to call for another strike in the nearest future, we would be tongue tied with no criticism to deliver to the government. We should weep over the deep laxity and complacency amongst youths of this nation. in fact, we should wail over the inattentiveness of the youths of  our generation to political matters….

I would rather not continue because I am guilty as charged. I am already weeping anyway. I am already looking forward to the next election where I can both talk the talk and work the work (or walk the walk). But today, I am indoors, begging God for mercy and for good leaders that will improve my parents standard living (in order words, my standard of living), so I can buy a small KIa car before I induct. A government that will rebuild Idiaraba hostel and put AC in it, provide every room with its own kitchen, toilet and bathroom (like cooperative hostel) and provide us with constant electricity so we don’t have to go home.

Most importantly, I am praying for a government that would provide the entire UNILAG, MEDILAG included, with WiFi, so that I can blog at ease like I am doing now and use the internet at little or no cost at all. You would agree with me that the latter is very key, lol.

God bless me and my blog.

God bless you for reading and commenting and sharing too

God bless NIgeria, we know you would become a better country someday soon!

Good tidings!


29 thoughts on “ARISE OH COMPATRIOT

  1. Now you’ve awoken the conscience deep within prickling me….what have I done to my nation,our future?…absolutely nothing.I’ve decided wrongly.

  2. love the rant. I was at home watching Indian film when I could clearly see my neighbours voting outside the window. *covers face *. well, many of us are kinda guilty of stuffs like that too. but here I am – hoping Nigeria wins.

  3. weeping heh?….yeah rite…..gud one though; sometin for us to ponder bout….bt then we (youths) aren’t allowed to make such mistake next time…..

  4. hmm….nyc…..thnk u for mentionin our sori asses on tht grup… all we do z argue nd no action…. God help us and ‘we’ help is too….

  5. hmm….nyc…..thnk u for mentionin our sori asses on tht grup… all we do z argue nd no action…. God help us and ‘we’ help us too….

  6. Nice!!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts,thus helping us see how we contribute to our nation’s defectiveness. Many times,we are “all mouth and no action”. It’s high time we rose up to the call,as youths in particular,and Nigerians in general. Welldone!!!!!

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