I’ve been thinking about marriage, this last few days. I know, positively sure, that in the next 5-10years from today, I will look at this post and laugh my skull out; if that is possible. So for record purposes anyway, I will still put my thoughts into writing! LOL
Well yeah, I have been pondering and wondering what being married means exactly. What will I look like if I get married and how will I act? Will I quit wearing trousers and start wearing endless ankaras? Will I ditch my flimsy scarves for Sunday geles like married women of my Nigerian society? Does marriage mean an end to my alone time? The question that scares me the most actually, is who will I get married to?
You know, how will I identify the person? What if he is a far cry from my picture Mr-husband? How will I deal with that? What if his mother is like Cinderella’s step-mother or his sisters, abnormally childish? What if we are too opposite and do not like the same things? What if he is white, how do I answer my mother’s “Where you take find, Oyinbo?” What if he likes ‘swallow’ so much and knowing fully well I hate it, demands I cook it for him everyday; even when it is not on the ‘food timetable’. What if he likes dogs?
Then there is the bedroom scene part and change of church issue. Then babies and school fees…coupled with endless joint accounts and responsibility. And I listen to my parents stylishly say, “Hmmmm, Kenechukwu, you are getting older o! By God’s grace, you won’t wait long. As soon as you finish school, you will just enter ‘house'”. Typical Nigerian parents! Where in heaven, earth or hell, am I suppose to manufacture a husband!
You see, I’ve really been thinking. When I talked with God, he said I should be patient. So I am patiently waiting, eyes wide to see this Mr mysterious, that will sweep me off my feet, maybe or probably have me running back to God with “God, why?” on my lips. I can’t wait and I can wait; I don’t even know if I should be ecstatic or scared…
Whatever happens, my bible tells me that ALL things Work together for Good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose (Rom.8:28) I like to believe I love God, so why not, if not, will marriage not work for my good?

Good tidings!


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