A girl
Not just any girl
A teen, A growing soul
My struggle, My worry
My fights, My own problem
My survival, My joy
Their gain, Their jubilation
My sadness, gladness
My sorrow, My life
My cross, alone to carry
My burden, not a soul’s concern.

My friend
Not just any friend
My young friend
Your rising, Your achievement
Your falling, Your nemesis
Your hustle, Your story
Your success, Our celebration
Your downfall, Your load
Your struggle, Your business
Your work, your money
My concern, My talk
Your troubles,  your sleepless night
Your cross alone.

The world
Not just any world
The dark world, The jungle
Their fake laugh, Our smiles
Their coated sorrow, Our existence
The ups, the downs
The highs, lows, Our tale
Its hardship, Our bustle
Their people, Our friends
Their family, Our foes.

A man
Not just any man
The saving man
Our pillar, Our savior
The messiah, The healer
His pain, Our redemption
His joy, Our strength
Our despair, His only mission
His origin, Our identity
His coming, Our hope.

The people
Not just any people
Redeemed people, Changed people
Bought at a price
Drops of blood, The commodity of exchange
Saved people, Restored people
Happy people, Hopeful people
The reason
Him, A man
Not just any man
Our saving man, Christ.
Our hope for tomorrow
Our better them, The better you.
My source of change, my hope
Christ, Our saving man.


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