I love my country, Nigeria. It is peaceful and beautiful with naturally caring people and a very rich cultural heritage. However though, as much as I love my country so much so I don’t consider living outside it’s boundaries, I detest our system of everything; most especially education. I really hate our system of education. Why? It’s simple: I detest our system of education because I detest the influence it has made and is still making on our modern day youth and the young generation at large.

Now I’m not talking about our poor school buildings or our lack of good and qualified teachers. Neither am I talking about our crappy educational administrative councils. We all know they are messed up and struggling badly to right their wrongs. It is the decayed attitude of my fellow youths to all the inconveniences imposed on us by our deficient educational system, I weep over. More precisely , it is the repugnant stench of that decay I most of all detest.

Some days back I listened to two of my classmates rant over the fact that we were not properly taught well enough to seat for an exam in and out of the country. That was very true. All we had were unexplained or badly explained handouts to read and learn and pour back on the day of exam, but that wasn’t the problem at all – because the fact that we weren’t taught well enough was an accepted norm. The problem was in the unavailability of past question to cram for the exam, and also the unavailability of a willing soul ready to share their ‘connections’ with the class. I watched, in despair and disgust, and listened to them rant, I also watched and listened to them vehemently rebuke me when I reminded them that we had notes, internet and prayer to lean on. But the sickening part of the whole conversation was the indifferent, lackadaisical mannerism in which they groaned. And the sad part is, most of our young minds have this kind of mentality, clouded with shallowness, dishonesty and a myopic thinking of if you can’t change the bad, join the bad!

I still ask the same question everytime: whatever happened to the dynamic young and innovative mind, the young men and women who were suppose to see visions? What happened to the future leaders who the world is banking on as both political and economical saviors? Whatever happened to the childhood dreams of improving lives and building a healthier world? When did the risen fall back into the never-ending darkness that has been the status quo for so long?

my most bugging, unanswered question, however, still stands: when will the youth realize that the power to change anything and everything lies in their capacity and in their minds? When will they realize that they’re suppose to see visions, not dream dreams? When will our youths realize that they are the eagles the world is waiting for to soar? When will they realize that they’ve fallen?


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