Today was awesome. Not that anything special happened to make the day awesome,every day of my life, I have decided, should be an awesome great day the way God designed it. So I woke up, read awhile (school books), ate a leftover pot of spaghetti, fried potatoes (my fav) and went back to sleep. I woke up an hour later, had a bath, washed off some dirty stuffs and watched two movies. When I’m done with this post, I am going back to my anatomy handouts and maybe watch one movie before I finally call it a day, but it was a good day worth sharing. In all the….lazy (let’s call it that)….activities I was involved in, I learnt quite a handful of lessons for the day. I stumbled into an article that encourages us (humans) to live life to the fullest, trying out every single whim we decide we want to engage in. I would have added that we live life to the fullest to the glory of God, if I was given an opportunity to edit the article (lol).

I also watched a movie that encourages true friendship and love for the people we call ‘friends and family’. Men in black 3, that’s the title of the movie…….yeah I know, it’s an old movie….but I still enjoyed it either ways and gained something tangible.

One very very important thing I learnt today though, out of every other lessons, was from my bible. They are: Transparency, honesty and identification as one of God’s people. These things are key in our daily Christian journey. The scripture I read tonight was what actually made my day really awesome; it was comforting and reassuring and instructive. I thank the Lord for His mercies, He knew how much my soul needed that reassurance…..

Today was indeed awesome, tomorrow would be better in the house of God.



3 thoughts on “An Awesome Saturday

  1. You sound like someone who does exactly what they’re set to do (what they feel like doing). You let God move you around and He will make sure you have a great day. Am I right?

    1. I’m trying to work with God. I’m not there yet, sometimes I don’t listen, but I am learning to work with Him. Yeah, when I set my mind to do a thing, I hardly ever have peace till it’s done.

      1. Be careful so that evil spirits don’t set your mind to do a thing. They can make you think you set yourself when it was really them. I find that I have the most inner-peace when I don’t let any thought go into my mind that will take me away from loving God.

        That’s good that you’re learning to work with him! Ask him to be your helper. Read Isaiah 41:10 where he promises to help you. He will work with you by helping you.

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