Well….it seems like all the inspiration for this post comes from our macopolo bus. Lol, I won’t deny it, the bus itself is an experience of a lifetime! Anyway, to the topic at hand, the title for this piece was gotten from somewhere way above the driver’s head on the bus, almost like the bus’ own billboard. In clearer words, that’s the instruction written on the driver’s side of our macopolo bus: 46 seating and 36 standing. Not that we ever adhere to that rule; getting on the bus alone is a struggle, lol. By the end of the whole ‘shift and adjust, e bami suñ and kosi aye’ (pardon my spellings), we can be 70 seating (both those who are seating and those who are being lapped) and maybe another 50 or more standing. I use to think it was a pathetic case, but I was wrong. Every struggle each morning has become an eye opener to the fact that life’s journey can also be equated to the struggle for the bus. I can certifiably describe life as a juggle; to survive, one has to be tough and strong and ready to struggle, hustle and bustle.

Every day we wake up, we go out, we push, we pull, we talk the talk and walk the walk just to earn a living. If we have to stand on others to make a little extra, we do it. If we have to crawl on our knees just to achieve the extra mile, we don’t hesitate. Some don’t even think of comfort anymore, if we get lapped through the journey of life, we are grateful; if we have to stand through the entire journey, we are ecstatic  – the koko is to survive..
The journey to heaven, thankfully isn’t so hopeless neither is it so fierce; Christ has overcome the world and His Spirit has been poured out for assistant, comfort and direction. All we need to do is lean on Him. Yes, there is the constant struggle against sin and flesh, but the bible describes us children who have died to sin. Meaning, in simple English that  we are dead to sin. And if you’re dead to something, you can’t struggle with it. So our struggle basically is to make heaven and take as many as possible along would us.  I once read somewhere that a specific number of people has been assigned to make heaven. I don’t know where others will be though, but according to that write-up,there is a specific number of candidates meant for heaven. It’s not in my place to say if it’s true or not, and I won’t make it my place to ascertain that, but one thing stands; if ten people are suppose to be in heaven, then I should be amongst the ten with the remaining nine constituting my family and friends. The number doesn’t exactly matter to me, what matters is that I am counted worthy and so are the people I love and even those I don’t love.
If that should be our attitude towards heaven, then like our macopolo bus, heaven might end up carrying ‘overload’.
Good tidings!


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