IMG_20141010_120657I was actually thinking of who to interview when, Metonde came to mind. Metonde is smart and beautiful and very free-spirited. She is also an awesome writer. And that her smile ehn… is one to die for. Metonde is one person to have around, believe me you will enjoy every bit of this conversation as I did. So Personality Friday is presenting to you… Adebabe Metonde..
Brief intro, let’s get to meet you
I am Adebabe Metonde Biniperi..200level English and Literature(edu)..a student of University of Benin and a lover of Christ..
Tell us about your personal view on God. Don’t be religious, just what God means to u personally
Kk..erm..God as I like to my sanity in this world, my safe hold..if you get what I mean..😜
Do you think the Christian race is hard? Why?
I don’t think it is hard. why? All that is required of us is to rest on the finished work of Christ which our *wiring* doesn’t understand..we are so used to working to get what we want that we do not understand rest.. So, I don’t think it is hard..I think it is just..what is the word..a thing of our perception..
Do you believe Jesus is coming back again?
Yes,I do!!!! And I can’t
The Bible. What do you see it as? Do you think the bible is a book of rules given by God to restrict us from enjoying life or just a book that guides our enjoying life?
I think the bible is a book that guides our enjoying life.. Reason no.1..the bible says He has given us all that pertains to life and godliness..πŸ˜„ short time experience with God has taught me that all He wants is our good..even though,there are times it looks otherwise..because,we are human and limited in our scope..He who sees with the eyes of eternity knows how the end is from the beginning and He knows how our choices affects us..He has then placed before us a manual teaching us how to go about enjoying life..”At least, He created this life”..without Him nothing created would have been..
How do u see Christians of today?
Hmmmn..I just see a bunch of us who have forgotten who we are and have forgotten about what Grace is about..we try to buy the righteousness of God by our works..*rules*..forgetting that all has been given to us..and all we need do is rest.. I see a bunch of people who all have their opinion of how the Christian walk should be forgetting that there is A Plan..
What is it about Christians of today, that pisses you off?
Hmmmn..I won’t say piss me off..I would say gets me wondering if we read the same word of God..and that is the fact that there is a code for everything..#not saying rules are bad#..also,some beliefs that leaves you wondering if they ever read their bibles..
So, nothing about the behavior of Christians gets you angry? Not even holy anger?
Well..gossip.. I think that is it for me
Rate your Christian life?
I can’t do that… Hmmmn..because,I don’t think I am in the right position to *rate* my Christian life..I can only say it has just been working well even when I act *deaf* to His nudging.. However If I am to take stock of my standing with God..I will say excellent because..I am the righteousness of God in,my right standing is of and through Christ not my works
If you were to see Jesus today, like he comes to you, what 3 questions will you ask Him?
Hmmmmn..I don’t think I would be able to speak..πŸ˜„..but,I would like to know what it felt like to die for a people who didn’t even recognize what He was doing.. I would like to know what heaven looks like and finally…hmmmmn….. Kk..what He thinks of when He thinks of me..what I do that hurts and excites him..what does He *tirinrin* about me😜
Finally….do u want to go to heaven? How and when?
Yes,I do..side attraction..I get to see Jesus..that is the koko. How..I want to experience rapture.. But,not tribulations ooo..rapture..I want to know the feeling of soaring/disappearing..lols. When..I don’t know..

Thanks for your time.



7 thoughts on “PERSONALITY FRIDAY: An Interview With Metonde

  1. Hmm. Interesting. If I were to see Jesus today, no matter how many questions I would have loved to ask him, trust me, I would be speechless… I would just stand and stare. Really nice Kene. Keep up the good work. May God continue to bless the work of your hands, Amen. 😊

  2. She seems to be against doing good works. She says that people try to buy their righteousness with works. And that her right standing is not through her works.

    I pray that she reads James 2:17-18!

    1. Hello sikatriz..I guess there is a mix up somewhere..I never said I don’t believe in good works…I said I don’t believe my salvation is bought through *works*..for by grace are you saved..that not of your is the gift of God..I have no ish with you doing good..the bible said Jesus went about doing good..infact,it is our christian duty to the world..I am just against our belief that our salvation can be bought by the fact that I do…verily,verily I say unto you..a man cannot SEE the kingdom of God except he is born again..a question for you sir/ma..are we born again by the amount of our good works?..that dosn’t rule out the fact that we should do good..but,the motive behind our doing good should be an english student..I think my interview clearly showed that I meant works*fleshly works* and not good works*christiaan duty* isn’t what said..but,how said..if any more clarity is can contact me on whatsapp..08083015411..thanks

      1. Thanks Metonde. I do agree also that we are not justified by our works, good works included. It is important we do them though, that was what James was trying to tell the church. But we are not saved through works at all, it’s all by God’s grace. So our right standing in Christ isn’t by our works.

      2. Thank you for clearing that up! It almost sounded like you were saying Christians don’t do go works. But I guess I was wrong!

        We are definitely saved by grace, which I would define as God’s desire to see us do good. It is almost like a father favoring his children so that they do well.

        Those that are full of grace are highly favored of the Lord.

  3. This is a reminder for me to always thank God for giving his only son to die for our sins .. sometimes I ask myself if jesus didn’t die for us who would have died for us , who would have decreased the far distance between God and man !! We’re so lucky

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