The Hustle: Close and Yet Far away
Yesterday Monday, I could have used the atm knowing that my bank wasn’t in any close distance to my hostel and if I made use of the nearest atm machine that wasn’t my banks’, #65 would be deducted from my account. But I didn’t. I chose instead to let it go and just use the nearest atm after all. But today, after calculating what would be left of my balance after 65 naira had been deducted, nobody told me to find my way to the bank.
Now, this bank isn’t in any walking distance near my hostel. It was just #50 away from my hostel and actually if I wanted to walk it, I could. But, I didnt want to. So, the hustle begins – walking to the bus stop, struggling for a bus, seating out the traffic, getting to the bank and using it, then repeating the same process all over again to return home. I had a choice to use the bank at school, but I decided to stress myself instead.
Liken that to our relationship with God. He is ever near, but yet He feels so far away that we feel we have to work so hard to get to Him when He is just close by. Sometimes, I wonder why we struggle, after all struggling wasn’t part of God’s plan for man. And the answer is just the same….man strayed away from God’s plan. That’s the main reason why everything we have to achieve never comes at an easy price; because we chose to suffer.
From the whole bank experience of today, I learnt something. God is ever near, but we are ever so far that it begins to feel like He is the one far. It is then left for us to choose to find our ways back to paradise, or forever live the life of a hustler.
Good tidings!


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